Fatima Binh Trieu Church, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Fatima Binh Trieu is a Catholic church belonging to the Archdiocese of Saigon , located in Hiep Binh Chanh ward, Thu Duc city , near Binh Trieu bridge . This is one of the pilgrimage places of the Virgin Mary , so it is also called “Fatima Binh Trieu Pilgrimage Center”. Fatima Binh Trieu Church is a famous church with many stories about the Virgin Mary, along with unique Gothic style architecture, so Fatima Binh Trieu Church is currently one of the famous churches in the city. Ho Chi Minh is visited by many people every year. In addition to its special architectural beauty, the church is also known for the miraculous story of the epiphany of the Virgin Mary. Let’s learn about the legend of Mary’s apparition here and the church’s architecture in the following article.

Fatima Binh Trieu Church is a Roman Catholic church located at 50/8/1 Street 5, Quarter 3, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, City. Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam. Named after Our Lady of Fatima , a Portuguese priest who witnessed a series of supernatural events at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. The church was built in 1976 on a land of 2000 square meters, thanks to the collaboration between parishioners and priests in Thu Duc parish. Initially, it was just a small house, used to celebrate mass for the local Catholic community. But with the development of the parish and the increase in the number of parishioners, the church was expanded and upgraded many times. Throughout the development of , many priests have assumed the role of Parish Priest and helped build trust in the local Catholic community. In particular, Father Peter Nguyen Van Son played an important role in developing and building this church. Currently, has become a notable spiritual center in the Thu Duc area, with many religious activities organized such as prayers, mass, summer camps and educational programs. other religious education.

In May (the month that the Catholic Church calls Mary’s Flower Month ) 1962 , the International Apostolic Movement of Fatima organized a procession of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to many countries around the world . On the occasion of this statue being carried through Vietnam , Father Paul Vo Van Ministry – head of the procession’s organizing committee, bought a 12.5- acre plot of land near Highway 13 and Binh Trieu station as a place to build a pilgrimage center. Our Lady of Fatima. After that, a statue carved after the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal was built in this land for parishioners to pay their respects. On August 15, 1966 , Archbishop Paul Nguyen Van Binh came to bless the monument and celebrate the first mass here. On December 8 of the same year, construction began on a church right on the land titled “Church of Christ” with a 30- meter high bell tower . In the following years, other auxiliary works such as retreat house, water house, pastoral house, chapel, lecture hall, dining room, kitchen… were also built. Since then, parishioners from all over come to make pilgrimages, especially on May 13 and October 13 every year. Until 1977, this place was officially recognized as a parish.

In 1962, the Statue of the Virgin Mary of Fatima has been carried around the world by the International Apostolate of Fatima movement. This movement was founded by Catholics in Portugal, to spread the message and prayers of Mother Mary at Fatima to every corner of the world. The statue of the Virgin Mary and the movement came to Vietnam in 1962, in the context of the country being at war. Bringing the statue of the Virgin Mary to Vietnam aims to bring hope, faith and mercy to the people who are suffering hardships during the war.

The car carrying the statue of the Virgin Mary once passed by the Binh Trieu bridge area, which at that time was still desolate and remote, with few people living. As soon as the car carrying the statue of the Virgin Mary arrived at this area, it suddenly could not move. Then the car’s engine was turned off. The people in the group encountered problems with their car and invited many good car mechanics to check and repair, however, the car mechanics confirmed that the car had no problems and was not damaged. know why it doesn’t work. The organizer of the procession of the Virgin Mary, Bishop Paul Vo Van Bo, did not know what to do. He could only stand right at the statue of the Virgin Mary , recite the rosary and pray, asking for her will to let the carriage continue to move.

What surprised the Bishop and those accompanying him was that after 50 prayers, the car carrying the Virgin Mary statue immediately started and moved. Father saw something strange and immediately prayed “If you want us to build a Fatima Pilgrimage Center here to honor you. Please help us carry out your will.” The Father of the Ministry paid attention to this land, where the car stalled, also wanting to fulfill Mother Mary’s wish, a very suitable land to build a pilgrimage center. Father immediately asked who owned the land, then he learned that the land was 12 and a half acres large, near Binh Trieu train station and located right on Highway 13, fresh all year round surrounded by the Saigon River .

The owner of the land wanted to sell it for 25 million VND, a rather large amount of money at that time. With the help of many people, Father was able to buy the land and established the Marian pilgrimage center.

Demolition of Fatima Church to build the University of Law of Ho Chi Minh City

After 1975, the government confiscated the land of Fatima Church to requisition to build a law university. The school destroyed the church here to build the school. However, the bell tower with the Cross above it and the church’s nave cannot be destroyed by any means. The construction board used all means to destroy the bell tower and the church’s sanctuary many times but could not because of the mysterious miracles that caused all equipment and machinery to turn off suddenly. In the end, people had to change the drawing, keeping the 30-meter high bell tower, standing in the center of the schoolyard, and a sealed room in the middle of the lobby that could not be used. This is the sanctuary of the former Fatima Church. The bell tower and the sanctuary are still existing, today.

Architecture of Fatima Binh Trieu Church, Vietnam

Monument to Our Lady of Fatima

Father Paul built a platform to place a 3m high statue of Our Lady of Fatima. On August 15, 1966, Archbishop Paul Nguyen Van Binh blessed the monument and offered the first Mass. Every year, on October 13, thousands of people come here to pay their respects to Mother Fatima. They come here to confide, pray and when they leave, they bring joy and happiness with them. On December 8, 1966, Archbishop Paul Nguyen Van Binh laid the first stone for the Cathedral of Christ and the retreat house. Plan to build a 30m high bell tower. After that, the ceremony continued to build a retreat house, including 3 floors, a ground floor, chapel, lecture hall, dining room, and kitchen.

In early June 1969, the Archbishop came and blessed the 14 Stations of the Passion of Jesus, built on both sides of the road leading to the center. Initially, the statue of the Virgin Mary stood outdoors, but the number of pilgrims increased. Father Paul started construction of the Temple of Our Lady to protect the statue as well as parishioners coming to worship from harsh weather. Inaugurated on October 13, 1970, with the active participation of the community.

Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima

At first, the statue of the Virgin Mary stood outside in the rain and sun, with only a roof erected for people to make pilgrimages and pray. There are many pilgrims coming every day, the roof is not enough, so many people have to stand crowded together in the hot sun, or under the cold pouring rain… Therefore, the construction of the Temple of Our Lady was started, and built in favorable conditions: parishioners everywhere who came to pay their respects responded enthusiastically, some helped with money, others with means… On October 13, 1970, the Archbishop came to inaugurate the Temple of Our Lady and offered a Mass of Thanksgiving, praying for peace for the benefactors who helped to complete this great project.

Cathedral of Christ and Retreat House

On December 8, 1966, Archbishop Paul Nguyen Van Binh came to the Center and performed the ceremony of laying the first stone to build a church dedicated to Christ and a retreat house, along with plans to build a 30m high bell tower. After Father Paul went abroad to study and returned, he continued the work of building the Retreat House in the water house area, including 3 floors, a ground floor, chapel, lecture hall, dining room, kitchen.

14 Stations of the Cross

In early June 1969, the Archbishop went to Our Lady of Fatima Binh Trieu Center and blessed the 14 Stations of the Passion of Jesus, built on both sides of the road leading to the center.

Retirement home

Remembering the advice of the Apostolic Delegate Joseph Caprio in the past, Father Paul encouraged his brothers in the executive committee to contribute their efforts and money to build 6 main houses and auxiliary living houses and kitchens for the helpers. to take care of elderly priests reaching retirement age.

Inauguration of the Cathedral of Christ and the Second Retreat House

Every month, the number of people coming for retreat is too large, so the first retreat house does not have enough space to welcome, especially Catholic groups who come to meet and study continuously. Father Paul decided to build a second, larger retreat house, while at the same time he continued the construction of a cathedral dedicated to Christ. January 6, 1973: inaugurated the Cathedral of Christ and the second retreat house. The Fatima Binh Trieu Charity Congregation has been present here from the beginning to collaborate in building and serving the retreat.

Fatima Binh Trieu Church Became an important Pilgrimage Center

Under the guidance and positive contributions from the community, the parish began to be built. The efforts of the Ministry Father and the lay community have turned the wish into reality. Fatima Binh Trieu was officially inaugurated, becoming an important place of pilgrimage and prayer during church services in the South . Continue to grow with religious, artistic and social activities. This place is a symbol of trust and solidarity.

Our Lady of Fatima Appeared After 1975

Father Paul Vo Van Bo has the habit of going to Mother Mary’s station to pray every day. One day, I saw a woman holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand, dressed neatly and solemnly, going up to the statue of the Virgin Mary, placing the bouquet of fresh flowers at the foot of the statue of the Virgin Mary and leaving, but kept wandering around for many times. The Fatima Binh Trieu church monument grounds are inaccessible. Father felt strange and went to ask her, she said “you can’t go out” because the doors are locked, Father immediately said “You’re wrong, all the doors are open without locks, check to see if you forgot anything.” ?” At that time, she confessed that she had left an explosive on the bouquet of flowers. There are many mysterious stories that have happened here showing the miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima Binh Trieu church, contributing to making the Catholic community’s trust in her grow stronger.

Parish Priest of Fatima Binh Trieu Church

  • Current parish priest: Father Aloysio Le Van Lieu, appointed parish priest of Fatima on January 11, 2000. He is also the head of Thu Duc district and the priest of the Congregation of Charity.

  • Current vicar: Giuse Nguyen Tri Dung.

  • The parish is divided into 15 parishes.

  • During major holidays, the parish sets up a quite powerful order committee to keep security for pilgrims.

  • Regarding liturgy: monks and nuns are in charge.

  • The parish currently has more than 700 children studying catechism from the Initiation class to the Adult class. They learn right after Sunday Mass from 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.; includes 17 classes under the guidance of 57 catechists, monks and nuns.

  • Marriage and Catechumens catechism classes are led by the assistant priest.

Annual Feast Day

Feast day: 13 May

The annual feast day of  The Church of Fatima Binh Trieu Church (Nhà thờ Giáo xứ Fatima Bình Triệu) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is celebrated on May 13 each year.

Mass Timing

Week Days:
Monday to Friday: 5:00 a.m., 5:00 p.m

Sunday: 5:00 a.m., 7:30 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m

Contact Info

Fatima Binh Trieu Church,
Thủ Đức,
Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh,

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The nearest airport to The Church of Fatima Binh Trieu Church (Nhà thờ Giáo xứ Fatima Bình Triệu) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Đ. Trường Sơn, Phường 2, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam which is just 20 min (6.9 km) via Đ. Phạm Văn Đồng away from the basilica.


The nearest railway to The Church of Fatima Binh Trieu Church (Nhà thờ Giáo xứ Fatima Bình Triệu) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is, Ga Bình Triệu, 1 Đ. Kha Vạn Cân, Hiệp Bình Chánh, Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam, which is just 5 min (1.3 km) via Đ. Số 5 and QL13 away from the basilica.

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