Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption, Kamanayakkanpatti, Tuticorin


The Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption is a church in Kamanayakkanpatti in the Diocese of Palayamkottai in Tamil Nadu.St. Thomas is believed to have established the Christian community in the area, where European missionaries later discovered pre-existing Christians with a tradition distinct from the Latin rite. The miraculous statue of Our Lady is a revered centerpiece in this church, which played a vital role in the Madurai Mission and stands as one of the region’s oldest. Constructed by St. John de Brito in 1684, the church has a rich history, including an early reported miracle around 1690 when prayers to Mary revived a girl who had fallen into a well. Despite the entire church being destroyed by fire around 1748, the miraculous statue endured.

Kamanayakkanpatti played a crucial role in the former Madurai Mission and is considered the Mother Church for the southern region. It served as the center for evangelization in the Tirunelveli inland territory during the late 17th and 18th centuries, encompassing areas such as Srivilliputhur, Vadakkankulam, Tenkasi, and the inland regions in the East.

In 1664, Fr. Freyre discovered Christians already residing in the area. In 1684, Rev. Fr. John De Britto built a small church, establishing this place as the hub for missionary activities. The first parish priest, Fr. Xavier Porgheese, resided here and administered the Sacraments, marking the initial mention of K.N.P. in historical records. Around 1690, a reported miracle revived a girl who had fallen into a well through prayers to Our Lady. Fr. Beschi, during 1712-1715, played a significant role in inculturating the Christian faith into Indian culture and renamed the church Our Lady of Assumption.

In 1728, the church faced thefts and plunder, and in 1748, it endured a destructive fire, yet the statue of Our Lady remained unscathed. Despite severe famine, Christians, aided by divine providence, rebuilt the church against opposition. The tomb of Fr. Lawrence de Almeyda, known as Rajendra swami, who died in 1748, is still present at K.N.P.

From 1756 to 1838, an 82-year interval saw no priests or sacraments, but people maintained their faith through popular devotion to Our Lady. Fr. Alexander Martin, accompanied by Fr. Mousset M.E.P., visited K.N.P. in 1838, celebrating the Feast of the Assumption. Fr. Alexander worked to eliminate caste-based discrimination. Subsequently, Fr. J. Maria Dass extended and built the present church with elegance and style, featuring a beautiful sanctuary and altar standing on twelve pillars symbolizing the twelve apostles.

The ROSARY GARDEN, built during the jubilee year (325) as a tribute to Our Lady, allows people to pray the rosary at all times. The parish is renowned for its unique devotion, “Kumbidu Sevai,” emphasizing human emptiness before God, introduced by Fr. Beschi. The practice of a Car procession was initiated here by Fr. Beschi as well.

Today, Kamanayakkanpatti continues to draw people seeking grace, with many expressing gratitude for answered prayers. The parish celebrated its 325th jubilee year last year, attracting visitors from all over the country throughout the year to worship Our Lady and honor the significant cultural impact of the devotions.

The distinctive feature of this place is the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Assumption enthroned above the main altar in the Church. The villagers’ amazing faith and love for Mother Mary are truly remarkable. Their devotion is anchored in the grace and mercy bestowed by Mother Mary upon them. The special connection between the villagers and Mother Mary is evident in their unwavering faith. The villagers find solace and inspiration in the miraculous presence of Our Lady of Assumption. It’s truly heartening to witness the deep connection and affection the villagers have for Mother Mary, driven by the genuine belief in her grace and mercy. This unique bond enhances the spiritual atmosphere of the Church, making it a center of profound devotion for the community.

Our Lady of Assumption Festival

Every year, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, marking Mary’s passage into Heaven, is joyously celebrated on 15 August in this place. The festivities commence with the flag hoisting on 6 August and culminate in a Eucharistic Procession around the village on the evening of 15 August. Over the ten days of the Feast, approximately 2 to 4 lakhs of pilgrims make their way to the church, adding to the vibrant and spirited celebrations.

Apart from the usual paintings, the church showcases a set of fourteen grisaille paintings on enamelled copper illustrating scenes from the Biblical Way of the Cross. These artworks were created by the artist Frédéric de Courcy and were exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1879 before finding their permanent spot in the church. 

Annual Feast Day

Feast Date : 15th August 

The annual feast day of the Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption  is celebrated on 15th August each year. 

Mass Timing


Monday – Friday 06:00 am


Saturday -11:30 am & 06:30 pm

Sunday    -05:30 am & 08:30 am

Church Visiting Hours

  • Monday to Sunday : 08:00 am to 09:00 pm

Contact Info

Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption, Tuticorin
Tuticorin, 628718,
Tamil Nadu,

Phone No.

Phone: 099525 01125




The nearest Domestic airport to the Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption is Tuticorin Airport & nearest International airport is Madurai International Airport which is 101km away from the Church.


The nearest railway station to the Basilica of Our Lady of Assumption is Kovilpatti Railway station,  which is 15km away from the Church.

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