30th May : Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart

Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart

Country :

Year : 1939

When Hitler entered Paris during the latter part of 1939, a young woman, Maria Hendizabal, fled from France to Mexico.  Arriving at Vera Cruz, she went to the capital.  Among her possessions she had a large picture of the Sacred Heart which she wished to give to some church for safekeeping, since she would be obliged to live in a small town and a small room, as she thought.  Padre Juan Gomez of the Church of San Jose allowed her to place the image on the wall of the vestibule February 2, 1940.

That very evening a boy nine years old, afflicted with infantile paralysis, was immediately cured after praying before the lovely image.  He left his crutches on the floor of the vestibule and hurried home to tell his mother.  The news of his cure spread rapidly and the next day hundreds visited the church, where before, there was never an attendance of more than a hundred at Sunday mass.  This cure was followed by others, and day by day the crowds grew greater.

After a week the pastor had to take the picture down from the wall of the vestibule and place it in the front of the church.  Since Mexico abounds in silver, the usual way of acknowledging favors is to make a gift of silver.  At present the entire left wall of the church is covered with silver remembrances donated by the recipients of favors received from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

Even though the shrine of Our Lady has existed for only 27 years (1966) there have been thousands of cures performed through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.  These cures have been verified by affidavits signed by reliable physicians in the presence of notaries; the documents may be seen at the shrine.  One father in gratitude for the cure of his daughter had a silversmith make a new frame for the picture.  The picture frame is indescribably beautiful.

In Mary, Jesus found the Lady after His own Heart.  In the picture of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Jesus points to His Heart as “the abyss of all virtues”, and from His Heart He points to Our Lady as the perfect mirror of His Holiness and virtues.  While the picture of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart shows Jesus pointing to Mary, He looks straight at us as if to urge us to go to Mary in order to become like Him.  In no way can we better learn to honor and love the Sacred Heart than by asking the Blessed Virgin to lead us to Jesus.  In Mary we see Jesus.

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