25th January : Our Lady’s Shroud & Tomb

Our Lady’s Shroud & Tomb

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The last earthly abode of the Blessed Mother, and the tomb of St. Mary Magdalen may have been discovered at the site of the ruins of Ephesus along the Aegean Sea in Turkey, according to Professor Louis Massignon, French orientalist and archeologist.  He believes the Blessed Mother died at Ephesus where she is said to have returned with St. John the Apostle, after the death of Christ.  The mystic, Catherine Emmerich, who died in 1824, described a vision she received of the death of the Blessed Virgin at Ephesus, a city that was completely unknown to her.  It is believed that St. Mary Magdalen accompanied St. John and Our Lady to Ephesus.

Another tradition holds that the Dormition shrine in Jerusalem marks the place where the Blessed Mother died.

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