19th December :Our Lady Of Toledo, Spain

Our Lady Of Toledo, Spain

Country : Spain

Year : 657

In the year 657 one day while St. Ildephonsus, Archbishop of Toledo, was saying matins, it is said Our Lady appeared to him, accompanied by a great number of the blessed, and holding her hand the book which he had composed in her honor, she thanked him for it, and out of gratitude gave him a white chasuble.

This celestial gift is still preserved and is now at Oviedo — Alphonsus, the chaste King of Castile, having transferred it to the church of St. Savior, which he had built.

Tradition claims that Ildephonsus’successor, Siagrius, tried to use the alb, but died in the act of putting it on.  The garment is said to have been seen and touched by Herbert Losinga, Bishop of Norwich, as late as the eleventh century.

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