10th May : Our Lady Of Saussaie

Our Lady Of Saussaie

Country :

Year : 1305

Near the city of Paris is a shrine dedicated to Mary under the above title.  It is located in a church of a Benedictine Priory, and was dedicated to the Virgin of Saussaie by Pope Clement V in the year 1305.

Mary, our Queen-Mother is mistress of the elements as her King-Son was and is.  It is related that she used a devastating storm to convince the Parisians of her God-given power over the world, and that she, too, could, with the grace of God do the apparent impossible.  Driven to the last extremity, the people took refuge at the shrine, and implored Mary to protect them and spare their homes and their city.  Instantly and miraculously the raging storm subsided and the people’s clamorous prayers for help turned into jubilant acclamations of thanksgiving.

From thenceforward the image of Our Lady of Saussaie was recognized as miraculous and pilgrimages began and continued.

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